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The 40-Year House

The 40-Year House will be a collaborative project with Cerra Homes, clients Judy and Marty Winston and just about every manufacturer of new home construction products. Every component that goes into this project will be supplied by the various companies to help build a home that will be energy-efficient, comfortable, healthy and maintenance free for 40 years.  The owner, Marty Winston, has been writing a software program to help run all of the major systems in the home so that they can function at their utmost potential for efficiencies. All of the light used in the home will be LED and also operate as part of the home’s system.

Tour the 40-Year House in Aiken SC

When construction is finished the home will be open by invitation to the public, media, and partner vendors to showcase the project. For more information on the 40-Year House details can be found at the 40 Year House @ http://40yearhouse.com

Client Testimonials

I can tell you that we were very impressed with the quality, attention to detail and finish work in the home that we bought from Cerra Homes. We were also impressed with his absolute commitment to turning out a “green” product in every respect. Lastly, as with all transactions, there are always things that need to be followed up on. Don’s made himself available whenever needed and he’s addressed every issue we’ve had without reservation. In short, the purchase of our home from Cerra Homes has be…
Susie and Arthur Smith
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