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Building Your Custom Home in Aiken SC

It all starts with relationships. As my father Frank Cerra used to tell clients “If we can’t live with each other for the next four months we shouldn’t work together”. Well today it is more like 6 to 8 months to build a truly custom built home.   


Lot and Plan Selection

It is best to know the lot before selection of plans. However, with our experience CERRA HOMES LLC has the ability to adapt the plans to any lot. I’m not recommending that however, as it can add dollars to the design and construction cost that you may not have budgeted.
Plans are available from many sources and may come from your sketches while doodling on paper over dinner. In this case Cerra Homes would help you complete the design with our experienced local designer. Probably the most useful way to find home plans is through any of the several on line homes plan designers such as Donald Gardner Architects just north of us in Greenville, SC. There are thousands of plans of different style and size. Don Cerra has worked with several clients who find a plan that is close to what they want. Then with many conversation Don can recommend changes to the original plans that will meet your needs. Many times we handle the changes in house but should the modifications be extensive and involve major structural variations CERRA HOMES LLC will work with you and their designers to achieve the needed conversions. This process can take 5 to 6 weeks.


Building Specification Phase

Specifications commonly referred to as the “specs” can be written during this time of patience waiting for the plans to arrive. Often times Cerra Homes clients will allow Don to build the specs during the pricing process. Don does this by talking with the clients to find out their wants and needs before, during and after construction starts. The specs can include every part of the process right down to the type of nails used in a certain application of a material. The more information Don has while pricing the closer to the actual build price he will attain. These specs become part of the contract but are not set in stone. During the build process of a truly custom built home, changes happen. As long as all parties agree on the changes and sign a change order the modification will happen.

Building Contract Phase

The contract happens next after all price and budgets have been established. The contract represents a starting and ending point. It will guide the clients and Cerra Homes through the building process. Changes will happen and sometime are suggest by clients or Don to better achieve the desired outcome of and energy efficient, comfortable healthy home.


Building Permit Phase

Shortly after the contract permits will be applied for with the local governing building department. That can take 2 days to 2 weeks.


Construction Phase

Construction begins with a stakeout of the build and follows:

  • Footing- INSPECTIONS
  • Foundation- Framing-INSPECTIONS
  • Plumbing- HVAC- Electric-INSPECTIONS
  • Insulation- INSPECTIONS
  • Drywall- Floors- Cabinets- Trim- Painting- Touch up- Equipment start up- INSPECTIONS
  • Certificate of Occupancy- Client walk-through – Touch up
  • KEYS to your NEW HOME

Client Testimonials

I can tell you that we were very impressed with the quality, attention to detail and finish work in the home that we bought from Cerra Homes. We were also impressed with his absolute commitment to turning out a “green” product in every respect. Lastly, as with all transactions, there are always things that need to be followed up on. Don’s made himself available whenever needed and he’s addressed every issue we’ve had without reservation. In short, the purchase of our home from Cerra Homes has be…
Susie and Arthur Smith
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