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Building In Aiken

If you are thinking about building a custom home in Aiken SC you may be one of the many people interested in getting away from the frigid climates of Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York or any of the other states of the cold North.
OR, perhaps your love of horses and the multitude of equestrians disciplines enjoyed throughout Aiken County and the City of Aiken’s horse district that surround Aiken’s charming downtown area. Could it be you long to walk your dog in Hitchcock Woods – the country’s largest urban park – along with horse and rider that calls you here? Where every Thanksgiving the annual Blessing of the Hounds takes place prior to the drag fox hunt. Where family traditions have been long standing for over 99 years!
OR, just maybe the joy of hitting that little white ball around a picturesque golf course could be your draw to Aiken.  With more than 20 golf courses and Augusta National within a 30 minute drive, Aiken is truly a golfer’s paradise.
Is it the University of South Carolina’s Aiken campus with educational opportunities galore or its thriving baseball, soccer and basketball programs? How about the Fine Arts program at The Etherredge Center at USC Aiken or the Aiken Community Playhouse downtown.
OR, maybe it’s simply the “Downtown” itself with is thriving shops of locally-owned businesses, and dining opportunities from white table cloths of Prime Steak House to the wooden tables of the Aiken Brew Pub for late evening tasting with your friends.


Aiken – the Small Town with Big Town Amenities

What ever the reason, you’ll find Aiken is a wonderful small town with big town amenities and a wonderful place to build your dream home.  Should you have questions about building a home or living in Aiken be sure to contact us at Don@cerrahomes.com. We’d love to help!
While we are talking about building a home in Aiken it’s important to find a home builder with your best interest at heart. To get you started, we’ve prepared some helpful questions to consider if you’re thinking of building a custom home:

How to Select a Home Builder

You should always see some of his/her work and speak to his/her clients. Just stop in and knock on a neighbor’s door to find out what people really think. The choices are many, so do your homework prior to coming to Aiken and while your are visiting.


Ask lots of questions:

1.   How long has the builder been in business?
2.   What is their construction background?
3.   Are they a “desk builder” or a “hands on builder”?
4.   When in the building process, if there is a problem, do you get to speak with the builder or his site Foreman?
5.   Do they build to code or above code, what if any national programs do they build to.
6.   How are their projects verified?
7.   How do they build their crawlspaces?

  • Do they seal them
  • Do they condition them?


8.   What are their framing techniques?

  • Standard
  • Value Engineered
  • SIPs paneled


9.   What type of insulation do they use?

  • Do they insulate the crawlspace
  • What do they use in the exterior walls
  • How do the seal the ceiling to the living space


10.  What types of bathroom fans do they use?

  • What are the fans SCON rating their decibels
  • Do you use plastic under your slaps, what mil?


11.  Do they offer a 2-10 year warranty?

12.   Are they qualified with any 2-10 type warranty?


Client Testimonials

I can tell you that we were very impressed with the quality, attention to detail and finish work in the home that we bought from Cerra Homes. We were also impressed with his absolute commitment to turning out a “green” product in every respect. Lastly, as with all transactions, there are always things that need to be followed up on. Don’s made himself available whenever needed and he’s addressed every issue we’ve had without reservation. In short, the purchase of our home from Cerra Homes has be…
Susie and Arthur Smith
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