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Building Process

The first step in the building process is to talk together about what your dreams are for your home. What are your needs and desires? Do you already have plans? If the answer is yes, that’s great. Cerra Homes can build according to your plans and/or make the adjustments you desire. If the answer is no, Cerra Homes can help you find a design that’s right for you.


“Green” as Part of the Process

Building green is about more than low-E windows, low-flush toilets and spray foam insulation. It involves, but is not limited to, items such as:

  • positioning your home properly on the lot or land
  • accounting for solar gain/loss
  • establishing proper air exchanges
  • utilizing correct framing techniques
  • choosing sustainable and durable materials and systems
  • paying attention to house “breathability”
  • reducing waste
  • incorporating xeriscaping
  • recycling during construction
  • and countless other details

Don works with his clients to make sure the entire process goes smoothly. He shares information about ever-evolving green technologies and how the choices clients make can result in a home that’s both green and within their budget.



Client collaboration has always been a hallmark of the building process with Cerra Homes. Don welcomes your involvement including site visits any time you wish. He is always available to answer questions. And if you are someone who wants to get involved in the actual construction itself, “Coach Cerra” encourages that activity.



A key part of the process is estimating the cost of construction. Cerra Homes does this per your set of specifications vs. a cost/square foot basis. And included in your contract is an entire breakdown of costs with the estimate sheet that was used to develop the construction price.


The Home as Sanctuary

Cerra Homes recognizes the concept of “home as sanctuary.” To build residences that achieve this goal, it’s necessary for client and builder to work in concert. Enjoying the relationship that develops as everyone works in partnership is a wonderful by-product of the construction project. Cerra Homes believes that building should be a fun process where many memorable experiences are created along the way. And as always, the final goal is not only a home with a zero punch list, but a residence that will be loved for many years to come.


Client Testimonials

I can tell you that we were very impressed with the quality, attention to detail and finish work in the home that we bought from Cerra Homes. We were also impressed with his absolute commitment to turning out a “green” product in every respect. Lastly, as with all transactions, there are always things that need to be followed up on. Don’s made himself available whenever needed and he’s addressed every issue we’ve had without reservation. In short, the purchase of our home from Cerra Homes has be…
Susie and Arthur Smith
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